Art and sculpture

The sculptures of Katharina Freitag seduce to touch.
Power and strength, ease and serenity – the big and small sculptures call emotions to life and quickly it comes clear: a skilled woman has been at work here, realizing her ideas creating clear, expressive shapes.
The sculptor works with the eternal theme of the union of opposites.

The materials are treated very carefully and with technical perfection, indeed they often seem to be soft and ductile.
In fact, the pieces seem harmonious, but they also commit to a game of exchange and create a kind of suspense. And so it comes to a fascinating correlation between the visible and the unvisible, between flowing energy and pausing statics.
Often, the sculptures are made of two or more elements, which being mobile invite to play as well as allow various perspectives to appear. The heaviness of stone and metal takes a back seat with the artist. That is why her sculptures always seem light and dynamic.

Duality, polarity and interaction of binding and bursting are to be read as the central theme in all Katharina Freitag’s work. Togetherness, encounter, communication.
The artist has taken the path towards abstraction: playful movements are reduced to clear, simple lines of an almost cool sharpness – yet never leaving warm physicalness behind.